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A coaching contract typically lasts anywhere between three to six months. It occurs on a weekly basis on 50minute sessions. The duration of the contract depends on the coaching goal, the consistency of the sessions and the stage the coachee is at on his goal attainment journey.

To ensure the quality of the session the coachee needs to tick the following:

  • High-resolution camera
  • Good audio equipment (headphones and microphone)
  • Good internet connection

You are advised to position the camera on the eye-level and make sure you fit well inside the frame. While sitting straight up with your forearms in front of you, you should see your head, shoulders, and part of your chest. You are also advised to be in a quiet room, away from any kind of distractions and give your full focus to the meeting, as if your coach was at the same place as you.

You are investing time, effort, consistency and money. You are stepping out of your comfort zone, you are taking action. All that requires persistency and determination. The coaching sessions are not like meeting a friend. You will be getting professional help to introspect and direct your own future.

No. You can absolutely pursue a new career by yourself.
However investing in yourself through coaching during the process of career transition will enhance your clarity, will help you tackle the hardships that usually arise, and support you to be able to make the right decisions that are aligned with who you are. You will save yourself a lot of time and unaligned efforts.

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