Insights about my professional identity and my work philosophy.


It is how the principles of coaching facilitate change in people’s lives. Things are meant to change and they do. We are meant to change but sometimes we don’t. When we resist change, we get stuck, when we facilitate it, we get to flow, we evolve. 


I am a Professional Coach with an accredited Diploma by AC and EMCC signed by the Athens Coaching Institute.
I am working remotely in Cyprus, Greece and Europe since September 2021. I have been trained in Systemic Psychotherapy, Life Coaching and Evidence-Based Coaching from accredited training programs. This period, I am actively working in the editorial team of Athens Coaching Magazine to deliver helpful content to other coaches, business executives, leaders and anyone with an interest in coaching related topics.
In my practice I follow the Global Code of Ethics as signed by the three leading professional bodies in Coaching (AC, EMCC, ICF), which you can find in the footer of the page. I regularly invest in my professional development through academic articles, books, supervisions and trainings.


I offer a safe space of reflection, creativity and planning.  I situate my practice between the axes of exploring and supporting with my clients. My approach of evidence-based Coaching is mainly non-directive. In short, that means I do not provide direct or indirect advice and guidance on matters. Instead, I use tools and attitudes, diverse theories and approaches that are rooted mainly in Coaching Psychology, the field of careers, and maintain a developmental character. 

Some of them are:


1. Cooperation

Coaching means cooperation. We agree on why & how we will work each step of the way. The scene is set with mutual commitment & boundaries.

2. Transparency

I am honest and clear. I show up being authentically myself and hide nothing about my business. You deserve to know who you work with.

3. Autonomy

I deeply accept your capability to come to conclusions and make the best choices for yourself. My approach is mainly non-directive, your autonomy is respected.

4. Change

Intentional change is the core of my practice. I continuously develop my skills & knowledge through education & supervision. My practice evolves as I do.


I dream of a society of a collective, values-driven work philosophy that thrives by the ethical contribution of its people.  For people not to be just happy at work, but work because they ‘re happy to. Because it shapes who they are and helps society in a meaningful way.

I am committed to help you create a meaningful career that better serves your life and the lives of others.


Let’s talk. A coaching discovery call is not a sales pitch.
You will get clarity on coaching and whether it can be helpful to you, and together we will see if and how we could work together.

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